PlatinumX Mousse 9.0 oz.

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Give your hair a brightening boost with PlatinumX Mousse. This lightweight, alcohol-free styling foam for platinum, blonde, gray and silver hair enhances body and volume while restoring brilliance to hair color. Vitamin E supports hydration and promotes luminous shine.

What is it? Rusk Deepshine PlatinumX Mousse is a lightweight, alcohol-free styling foam.

Who is it for? Anyone with platinum, silver, gray or blonde hair.

What does it do? Enhances body and volume. Formulated with Violet 2 to help neutralize unwanted yellow, boost brightness, eliminate brassiness.

How do you use it? Shake well. Apply to clean, damp hair. For maximum toning effect, towel-dry thoroughly. Dispense a golf ball-size amount of foam for average length hair (more if necessary). Comb through for even product distribution, then style as desired.