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Rusk Sensories Moist Sunflower and Apricot Hydrating Treatment 7.5 oz.

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Hydrates Thirsty Hair.

Awakens the senses and counteracts the harsh effects of assaults on hair from the environment and daily styling routines. Specially formulated with vitamin-rich sunflower extract to condition and apricot extract to moisturize and lubricate the hair. Moist Treatment adds shine and contains protective sunscreens, anti-static agents, hydrating honey, strengthening proteins and bodifying vitamins.

About Sensories
Sensories products combine compressed formula technology with the benefits of natural, botanical ingredients to transform ordinary hair care into a luxurious sensory experience. Compressed formulas expand with the addition of water and gentle manipulation, releasing unique botanical aromas and achieving twice the performance with a third less product. Sensories products refresh the hair, soothe the mind and reinvigorate the spirit.